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Satellite Phones Have Come old!

When people think of satellite phones they usually consider bulky, expensive and big. The most up-to-date generation of mobile phones are modern, small and stylishsleek and little bigger than your average size cell phone and some now weigh up the same or less than regular mobile phones. Some phones offer international coverage so there is not any need to be out of contact during an expedition and being unable to contact the emergency services ought to you need help. Visit Site...

Satellite mobile phones now offer similar features and features to mobile phones although with the added advantage of having the ability to operate in areas where GSM or other mobile providers are not available. Having a sat phone will allow you to maintain contact with family and friends or exhibition HQ or job colleagues while away. Sat phones now provide a data link so you can also stay in contact by upgrading sending, getting and blogs emails or even browsing websites.

Satellite phones use to be incredibly expensive but lately the cost has dropped dramatically and cell phones can now be bought from as low as $500. The fee for calls has also decreased and now starts from just 50c a minute to any global destination. These lower costs make owning and purchasing a satellite telephone a far more workable option for those needing to keep in contact anywhere they are in the world and never being reliant on ground based cellular network.

OK, so where's the catch? Properly not all Satellite Networks provide full coverage around the globe. The last thing you want to do is buy a satellite phone from a company that does not provide coverage in the portion f the world you happen to be travelling to. That is why before purchasing, it is important to check with your seller. Alternatively you will find good guides and coverage maps accessible to make this check.

You can find four main gamers available Globalstar, Inmarsat BGAN, Iridium and Thuraya. Each have strengths and weaknesses depending on requirements. Globalstar has 40 Low Level satellites and covers about 80% around the world. Iridium have 66 Low Orbit Satellites and give cover essentially anywhere in the world. Thuraya presents coverage in 110 countries, most of Africa and Asia and covers approximately another of the world. Inmarsat BGAN uses 10 geostationary satellites and handles most of the globe. All companies strive to enhance coverage and the insurance rates are enhancing all the time.

A sat phone is becoming an absolute must have for many outdoor fanatics. If you are working, or indeed playing, in remote areas of the need and world to be in touch a satellite phone is a must. http://www.iridiumgo.net.au/

But the best places to buy said satellite phone from? I might recommend you find a company that has a strong after sales focus. There are plenty of businesses who focus on the transaction but pay no attention should there be a challenge arise. Also examine that you are being sold the best phone by doing the leg work of finding out if the part of travel is covered from a particular satellite. If the sales person is looking out for your needs or just interested in the selling, when looking to purchase the device you will soon know. Always look for business reviews and of course product reviews.

Satellite phones definitely have come of age and owning one is possibly a little too expensive for your average person however it is not out of the budget for teams out on event or business customers in remote areas.

Please note that a Satellite Phone is NOT a Cell Phone and they tend not to work on Cellular Mobile phone Networks.

For more information check out Global Telecommunications.

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